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Back down to earth with a bump and grumpy as hell – but things are looking up already!


Firstly I have to apologise for my complete lack of communication of the Christmas period.  I have no excuse, except that I am innately lazy.  That, and the fact I spend all my working life in front of a computer and I just couldn’t quite bring myself to do it when I was on holiday.  Sadly though, the holidays are over, I’m back to work, and here I am again.

The break was great but hectic.  I’m knackered and grumpy as hell this morning since my cunning plan of going to bed early last night went by the wayside in favour of the PDC World Darts Final and a few more chapters of Lora Leigh’s Kiss of Heat.  I definitely came down with a bump this morning when I had to crawl out of bed and get my head in gear for work.  Still, at least I know I’m not alone.

So what to look forward to for 2012?  I’ve decided not bother with New Year’s resolutions.  They’re a complete waste of time in my opinion, especially since everyone always chooses things like “I will go to the gym everyday,” and “I’ll lose 10 stone by February.”  We are doomed to fail before we’ve even begun.  So this year I wont be giving up smoking – mostly because I like it.  I probably won’t be going to the gym – mostly because there isn’t one here (and lets face it I wouldn’t go even if it was in my house).  I won’t be on a diet – mostly cos, well I can’t be bothered and I managed to lose nearly 3 stone last year just by not being in the office and sustaining myself on biscuits; working from home definitely has it’s plus sides!

What I have decided to do is take a couple of road trips.  Mostly just because we can.  Now we’re in mainland Europe, the world is my lobster.  I know we’re only on the 3rd of January, but I have at least 4 trips planned in my mind already.  We’re going to Catalonia and on into France, another trip to Granada and a drive across the border to see my brother-in-law in Portugal.  We may also have a Christening in Poland and a wedding back in the UK to squeeze in too!

All very exciting I know, but the piece de resistance must be Morocco.  Yep you heard it folks.  I’m going to drive over to Morocco.  Since its basically one big cultural, historical shopping trip,I’m really excited.  I’ve even (don’t ask me how) got my husband’s blessing!  He’s not one for cultural historical anything so wasn’t really that keen on going.  My mother piped up saying she’d love to go and my husband thought it was a great idea!  Hurrah!  (I think he’s just relieved he doesn’t have to come and traipse around after me and now has the perfect excuse to booze it up in Benidorm for a weekend).  So Mum and I are having a proper girly holiday, basically looking and buying.  Heaven!  Now, all I have to do is learn how not get ourselves traded in for some mangy old camels, and it’s a done deal.  Super excited!

We’ve had our first visitors book their flights for Easter already and there are countless others looking to come over and see us too.  All in all I think 2012 is going be a great, but VERY busy year.  I can’t wait.

What will it hold in store for you??

Happy New Year everyone!