El Donkey Shedo – just a bit of fun


My friends have had a lovely covered recreation area built at their villa.  It comes complete with tiled seats (topped with the infamous cushions), dart board, eating area and lighting – including the mandatory candle in a wine bottle.  It has walls on two sides and a sloping roof complete with beam like “vegas,” and originally it had 3 windows on one side.  I say windows, but really they were just openings.  Sadly the windows had to go as Spanish planning laws are just weird.  They could have built an 8 foot wall.  They could have built a 2 foot wall.  No problema.  Unfortunately, the openings counted as windows and the owner of the almond grove next door didn’t like it.  As it turns out, he’s done them a favour because now the “windows” have been bricked up and morcemed over, they add a nice feature to the room as they are slightly recessed and the red bricks used to form the window sills are still there.

It really is a lovely use of space and I for one can’t wait for the weather to warm up so we can all pile round there and use it.  When my friends shared some pictures of said space with their family, their grandson piped up and said “why have you built a donkey shed?!”  Of course a legend was born.  Especially now since the “windows” have gone and the recesses look even more like stable doors.

My friend’s wanted a sign for their new donkey shed.  I know them well enough that a completely traditional sign wouldn’t be their thing, so I created something a bit different for them.  I used a old roofing tile to add a hint of “rustico” to the proceedings and set to work with my acrylics.  The “official” opening is in a few weeks time, but here’s my contribution.  Literal translation reads “The Donkey Shed.” Hope you like it.


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