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Bucket List Publications - Accepting Submissions!


I don’t just write a blog, I read about what other people are up to too.  One of my favourite blogs is asking for travel story submissions.  What a brilliant way of sharing stories and collaborating with others to tell our travel tales.  Anyone wanting to write or has already written about their travel adventures, extreme adventure, top tourist destinations or bucket list adventures should check out this post over at Lesley Carter’s blog.

Happy writing everyone!

Click Bucket List Publications – Accepting Submissions! to read more about it.

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  1. I started 2 blogs, one of which is Gallivanting Granny with 2 of my trips I’ve done with my grandson and my granddaughter. Really though they’re probably more of a diary than anything exciting. I mean, how exciting can you get when you take a 10year old away? My other one involved me learning to share the house with a new kitten – and I’m still half way through the next one. At least this time round I’ve remembered the web addresses (last time I wrote one blog and lost it forever!!!)

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